Bhulekh Haryana, Jamabandi Online

Bhulekh Haryana Jamabandi online

In this section, we will learn how to check and download a copy of the Bhulekh Haryana Jamabandi online. The Land Records of Haryana have been made available online by the Revenue Department. You can now obtain a Bhulekh copy of your land, plot, or land in Jamabandi Haryana using the internet.

To facilitate this, the Haryana government has established a web portal available for use: Jamabandi Online.

If you do not know how to view the Bhulekh details of your property, then continue reading this post till the end of the text. In this article, you will learn how to erase a copy of Jamabandi online from your computer by following the steps step by step.

Many of our farmer brothers and citizens of Haryana are unaware of the existence of the Haryana Bhulekh, as a result of which they are constantly visiting the government office in search of Bhulekh information. However, after reading this post, you will be able to obtain the comprehensive data of your land from the comfort of your own home, using your mobile phone or computer.

jamabandi portal bhulekh haryana

It is required that you carefully and completely read the procedure for extracting Bhulekh from the body. In order for you to be able to withdraw the duplicate of the jamabandi of your farm, plot, or land whenever you wish. So, let’s get this party started.

bhulekh haryana districts land records online

Department of land records

The state of Haryana has established a website,, where anybody can view a copy of Jamabandi Haryana. By using this web portal, any resident of Haryana can obtain a copy of the Jamabandi of his or her property. You will be able to view the features of Bhulekh through all of this –

  • By Owner Name
  • By Khewat
  • By Khasra/Survey Number
  • By Date Of Mutation

In order to obtain the Jamabandi copy, you must have a mobile phone or computer with internet access. So, let’s get this procedure started as quickly as possible.

Checking and downloading Bhulekh Haryana online is simple


The following post includes detailed instructions on how to obtain a copy of the Bhulekh Haryana Jamabandi for free. To get rid of online jamabndi nakal, carefully follow the methods outlined below:

  1. Go to the official website of Jamabandi and fill out the registration form

First and foremost, you must visit the Jamabandi viewing website at

  1. Select Jamabandi Nakal from the drop-down menu

Once the website has been launched, navigate to the Jamabandi section of the menu. The option of Jamabandi Nakal will then be presented to the user. This is the only option that must be chosen.

  1. Select the district, tehsil, and village that you want to visit

jamabandi haryana nakal details

Following that, a variety of alternatives will be shown for viewing Jamabandi copies. Select the By owner name option here if you want to see the Bhulekh data in your own name. Then select your district, tehsil, and village from the drop-down menu. After that, select the year of Jamabandi.

  1. Select your name from the list of owners

Select the Private option from the Owner list drop-down menu. Following that, the names of all of the private landowners in that village will appear on the screen below in alphabetical order. In this section, you must search for and select your name.

  1. Select your name from the list of owners

Select the Private option from the Owner list drop-down menu. Following that, the names of all of the private landowners in that village will appear on the screen below in alphabetical order. In this section, you must search for and select your name.

jamabandi nakal owners list

  1. Select the Nakal option

Following the selection of your name from the list, the Khewat, Khatauni number will be displayed below. The option of Nakal will be found initially in this section. To view a copy of your Jamabandi, select this option.

  1. Examine the bhulekh

After selecting the Nakal option, the Jamabandi replica of your land will appear on your screen as soon as you click on it. You may see all of the material in this section. For example, the Khevat or Jamabandi number, the Khasra number, the name of the landowner, and so on.

jamabandi nakal owners details

  1. Download Jamabandi Online

After the Jamabandi copy is displayed on the screen, you can choose to download or print it if you so desire. To download Jamabandi Haryana Online, click here. To do so, click on the Take Print icon located at the bottom of the page.

bhulekh Haryana Nakal Sample

  1. Extract Bhulekh from Khewat, Khasra, or the Date of Mutation (if applicable)

jamabandi nakal khewat

As previously said, you have learned how to obtain a copy of the Bhulekh Haryana copy by using the owner’s name (that is, the name of the land’s owner). Similarly, you may look up Bhulekh details based on the Khevat, Khasra, or mutation date, among other things. Nothing more than selecting an additional choice and providing details is required.

The farmer brothers, as well as all inhabitants of Haryana, would be able to obtain the Jamabandi copy of their field, allotment, or any other land through the internet. You can also get a copy of the document using your mobile phone.

Is it possible to get Bhulekh Haryana Nakal Jamabandi using a mobile phone?

Get connected to the Internet and open any web browser of your choice. Then go to to find out more. After logging into the website, select the Jamabandi Nakal option from the drop-down menu.

After that, everything will proceed in the same manner as mentioned earlier, step by step. As a result, you can obtain the land records for your property in Haryana by completing the identical procedures on both a computer and a mobile device.

The concerned officer in your tehsil office should be contacted if there is any inaccuracy in the details of your farm or plot, or if you are not able to download online, or if you have any other difficulty linked to it.

Bhulekh Haryana, Jamabandi Online

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