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Bhulekh Maharashtra, Mahabhumi land records 7/12 and 8A

Bhulekh Maharashtra Mahabhumi

We will learn how to verify the bhulekh maharashtra in this section. The Maharashtra Revenue Department has made it possible to extract land records 7/12 and 8A records from the state’s land records database online.

You can download or print Satbara Utara land record records from the comfort of your own home using the Bhulekh Mahabhumi web portal. Read this post entirely and carefully if you want to get all of the information.

On Bhumilekh Maharashtra, there was previously available land information. Fortunately, this web gateway has recently been relocated. By which 7/12 utara is made available on the Bhulekh Mahabhumi web page, according to the latest information.

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Many people in our state of Maharashtra are unable to obtain land records due to a lack of awareness about how to go about it. However, after reading this article, you will be able to get mahabhumi bhulekh online on 7/12 in as little as five minutes. The following page contains comprehensive instructions on how to delete the new web portal 7/12 and 8A records associated with Bhulekh Maharashtra Mahabhoomi. Read through each step thoroughly to ensure that you understand the entire procedure.

Checking and downloading Bhulekh Maharashtra 2021 7/12 Utara is simple.

Maharashtra Land Records Department

The next section contains step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the Mahabhumi Bhulekh online 7/12 Utada record online. Follow the steps in the process of extracting Bhulekh carefully to ensure that you do not encounter any difficulties while extracting the record.

  1. Pay a visit to Mahabhulekh Home

To obtain the Utada record for 7/12, you must first visit the Bhulekh Mahabhumi online page, which may be found here. Due to the fact that the mahabhulekh maharashtra online portal has been moved.

By searching for bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in on Google, you will be able to access the online portal for the new Bhulekh Mahabhoomi.

  1. Choose a section from the dropdown menu

As soon as the bhulekh mahabhumi online portal is displayed on the screen, an option to select a part will appear on the right side of the screen to the left of the search bar. In this section, first choose your section and then click on the Go button.

  1. Select the 7/12 record from the drop-down menu

Following the selection of the segment, the options of 7/12 and 8A record will appear on the screen for your consideration. Choose the number 7/12 from the drop-down menu. As a result, choose your district, your taluka, and your village.

  1. Select the Survey Number / Group Number

Following that, you will be presented with a variety of search possibilities for 7-12 records. You can obtain the recording at any time using any of these methods. Let us choose the Survey Number / Group Number option from the drop-down menu. Then enter the survey number / group number associated with your property and select the research choice.

  1. Select the 7/12 Paha option

First and foremost, input your ten-digit mobile phone number. Then select the 7/12 Paha option from the drop-down menu.

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  1. Verification of the Captcha Code

The verification of the captcha code is the following step. Fill in the blanks on the screen with the code that appears on the screen. Then pick the option to Verify Captcha to View 7/12 on the following page.

  1. Take a look at village sample number seven

7/12 record will be on the screen as soon as you authenticate your identity by typing the captcha code. You will receive the records of village sample seven, also recognised as “Gaon Namuna Saat,” as the first thing you see when you open this. You can look through it to see what information is contained within it.

  1. Continue to the village Namuna Bara by scrolling down

There will also be a limited number of Gaon sample records available, including the Gaon Namuna Bara. In this section, you can also look over the records that have been provided. You will be provided with comprehensive information about Maharashtra’s land tax rights records.

  1. Download the Land Records

You can also download and print the 7-12 utara records for your property from this page. This can be accomplished by selecting the Print option from the browser’s menu. Following that, you may either download or print it.

Residents of all districts in Maharashtra will be able to obtain 7/12 records of their land on the internet in this manner. Aside from the survey number and group number, you will also receive 7/12 records that are associated with your name.

bhulekh maharashtra Digitally signed 712 8A

What is the web address for the newly launched Mahabhulekh Maharashtra web portal?


Previously, land records could be found at mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in, but this has been changed. Fortunately, this web gateway has recently been relocated. You will be able to access land records on the new online portal bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in as of now .

How can I access Maharashtra land records 7/12 and 8A online?

The new Bhulekh Mahabhumi web portal is where you may obtain your land’s 7/12 and 8A records online, as well as other information. You can get the land records by going to the Land Records section and selecting your district, taluka, and village.

How to receive a copy of a land record 7/12  Utara record by name?

The new revenue department web portal, bhulekh mahabhumi, has the capability of extracting Satbara Utara records, according to the department. You can obtain land records by entering the first name, the first name and last name, or the entire name in the search box.

How do I obtain print my 7/12 and 8A records from the internet?

By visiting the bhulekh mahabhumi web portal, you can choose your district, taluka, and village. Then, as instructed on the screen, continue the steps. It is possible to download or print the 7/12 and 8A record from the browser menu as soon as it is displayed on the screen.

What is the best place to go if you have a problem with Maharashtra’s land records?

You should notify the office of the relevant revenue agency if there is an error in your land record, or if you have any other difficulty relating to your land record.

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