Bhulekh, Bhulekh Orissa and Bhulekh Up

Bhulekh (Bhu: Land;  Lekh: certified record) means authentic land record. This is a standard term used in Indian Land Records. People of Orissa and UP states can check records of land of various districts in their respective states online on dedicated government sites for this purpose.

People of Orissa can visit Bhulekh Orissa website to get information whereas people from Uttar Pradesh (UP) can visit Bhulekh up for more information on land records. For availing online land records, Revenue and Disaster Management Department of Orissa brings to you Land Records Portal that is popular by the name of Bhulekh Orissa.

Individuals can directly visit for complete information. Here users will be required to select name of district, tehsil, sub division, Khatiyan number, name of village, plot number, or your tenant name for viewing online land record. On this specific portal, related forms and maps can also be availed.

bhulekhHere are simple steps for installing Odia font when you are logging in to

  • Visit the site given above
  • Click on ‘Download Odia Font’ link that is on web portal’s left side. Here a pop-up window will open.
  • Again you should click on the ‘Download Oriya Font’ option and click on save file option.
  • Go to download folder and copy the file ORBWMK3N.TTF to C drive’s Fonts Folder for opening or installing font provided as ORBW-TTMukta EN Normal. Click on install option.

Steps for checking Bhulekh Orissa (Orissa land records) are given below:

  • Go to the official website of Bhulekh Orissa
  • Suppose you wish filling details in Oriya (Odia), download Odia Font
  • Click on the link RoR View
  • Select your subdivision, Tehsil, and district provided in the left side under Select Location section
  • Select name of the Village provided in right hand side
  • Now select any of the options given below for searching land record
  1. Plot
  2. Tenant
  3. Khatiyan

These Bhulekh sites for Orissa and UP have been designed by NIC for providing all sorts of property and land related information through internet to people. Each tehsil of UP has uploaded all sorts of land records of theirs for villages under different categories like name, Taluka, Khatoni, Khasara, and so on coming under rule of RoR (Record of Right) as well as ROI (Right of Information) meaning that all common citizens are having full right of getting all sorts of information related to their queries. Similarly Bhulekh site for UP comes under NIC Uttar Pradesh unit and offers fresh information of specific district or tehsil by uploading the latest information on portal. On the first page you’ll find list of district that can be seen under blue color name “District Name” where all seventy-five UP districts will be available. For instance, if you are living in Ghaziabad and wish getting land records or khata khatoni or fard or any other kind of related information of yours, you need to select district name as “Ghaziabad” under which there will be 2 tehsils available namely Modinagar and Ghaziabad. If one wants information for Ghaziabad, they have to select or click on it else on Modinagar option.

bhulekh up naksha

After tehsil name has been selected, you’ll see the list of villages where you’ll come across name of our specific village. One can make use of virtual keyboard that is already available for selecting “choose first letter of your village name”. Suppose you are not able to find name of your village you can make use of the virtual keyboard for faster process. Suppose you want details of UP land records or Inayatpur fard then click on it. Post this, click on Next option. This will be the primary step where you’ll be asked to enter little information. You’ll here be taken to district name’s above side, then tehsil name, and finally village name provided in 2nd row where there is an option as Khate ki Nakal. Here you get option of how you wish checking UP land records as well as how you wish getting Fard or Khata Khatauni of yours. There are 3 options provided here namely

  1. With Name
  2. With the Khata Number
  3. With Khasara Number

Users are required selecting one out of these three options if they are having their property Khasara number for getting fard or land records, then select it or choose other if one is having khata number or know owner name then choose option with name. It should be noted that official websites for Bhulekh Orissa and Bhulekh up are often slow because of excessive traffic hence one must continue trying as well as refreshing their page continuously. One should make use of Internet Explorer for better and faster view. There is standard time when the site is running hence one shouldn’t try taking details of individuals whom they don’t know as the site is being monitored continuously by NIC Dept of Uttar Pradesh state. The site offers only those details or information that is uploaded by local patwaris hence you must keep refreshing the site.

Talking about Orissa Bhulekh website, you’ll get information on 310 tehsils RoR Data. Orissa state is part of India’s total 30 districts having total of three hundred and seventeen Tehsils with total of 2064 RICs. In total Orissa is having 51210 villages. India being a large country has several uneducated citizens, mostly farmers who face issues related to land related work or property related work. In order to solve their problems, Indian government has introduced working software that is called Bhulekh. Here you will get all information on Land Records. You’ll have to install the software on your laptop or desktop prior to using it.

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Bhulekh, Bhulekh Orissa and Bhulekh Up

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